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MD Helicopters (MDH) announces new ownership and leadership

Mesa, Arizona, September 9, 2022 – MD Helicopters, LLC (MDH) announces the new ownership and leadership of the company. An investment consortium led by MBIA Insurance Corp., Bardin Hill, and MB Global Partners has acquired the company and established new leadership. Brad Pedersen will lead the team as MD Helicopters’ President and CEO. Brad brings over 35 Leer másMD Helicopters (MDH) announces new ownership and leadership[…]

MD Helicopters en proceso de venta

MD Helicopters se encuentra en proceso de venta, la Compañía ha celebrado un Acuerdo de Compra de Activos con un Consorcio de Acreedores encabezado por Bardin Hill y MBIA Insurance Corporation. El Consorcio adquirirá casi todos los activos de la Compañía y proporcionará una importante inyección de capital para fortalecer la posición financiera de MD Leer másMD Helicopters en proceso de venta[…]

MD Helicopters strength its aftermarket support

Mesa, Ariz., March 09, 2022 — MD Helicopters, Inc. (MDHI) is pleased to share that it has considerably strengthened aftermarket support for MDHI customers, boosting sales, partnerships, and customer satisfaction. “MD Helicopters formed a cross-functional team to directly address challenges to our aftermarket support and customer service experience, and that work is truly paying off,” Leer másMD Helicopters strength its aftermarket support[…]

Initial acceptance from Malaysia for six MD530G helicopters

MD Helicopters, Inc. (MDHI) announced the initial acceptance of six MD530G Light Scout Attack helicopters for the Malaysia Ministry of Defense via their agent Halaman Optima/ Destini Prima. The aircraft are now in transit to Malaysia for final acceptance and expected to arrive in-country by the end of the first quarter of 2022. As part Leer másInitial acceptance from Malaysia for six MD530G helicopters[…]

MD Helicopters mejorará los sistemas de armas y misión del MD 530G Block II Scout Attack Helicopter

El sistema de armas estará conectado con el glass-cockpit de los MD 530G Block II (369FF BII) Mesa, Arizona, diciembre de 2019 MD Helicopters, Inc. (MDHI) ha llegado a un acuerdo estratégico con Elbit Systems Ltd (ESL) para añadir nuevas capacidades de gestión de misión al helicóptero de exploración y ataque MD 530G Block II (369FF Leer másMD Helicopters mejorará los sistemas de armas y misión del MD 530G Block II Scout Attack Helicopter[…]

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