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USCGC Waesche and HITRON returns with $166M in contraband

ALAMEDA, Calif. — The USCGC Waesche (WMSL 751) crew and a MH-65 Dolphin aircrew from HITRON returned home following a 90-day counter-narcotics patrol in the Eastern Pacific Ocean. Friday, April 7, 2023. The 418-foot national security cutter and crew patrolled more than 15,000 nautical miles conducting law enforcement and search and rescue operations in international Leer másUSCGC Waesche and HITRON returns with $166M in contraband[…]

Captain Walter Reger, Coast Guard HITRON history series

In this documentary series, the U.S. Coast Guard spoke with retired Captain Walter Reger, the third commanding officer of HITRON (Helicopter Interdiction Tactical Squadron). HITRON operations started as an experiment in 1998 to halt the flow of illegal drugs into the U.S. Drug trafficking organizations primarily used «go-fast» boats, high-speed smuggling vessels capable of traveling Leer másCaptain Walter Reger, Coast Guard HITRON history series[…]

USCGC Bertholf and HITRON seized $14M in cocaine

ALAMEDA, Calif. — The USCGC Bertholf (WMSL 750) and HITRON crews returned to Alameda with $14M seized in cocaine after traveling over 18,000 nautical miles during a 77-day counter-narcotics patrol throughout the Eastern Pacific Ocean. Saturday. Bertholf’s crew conducted multiple boardings of suspected drug-smuggling vessels while patrolling international waters off the coasts of Central and Leer másUSCGC Bertholf and HITRON seized $14M in cocaine[…]

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