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Airbus Helicopters and PHI sign for 20 H175 and 8 H160

Marignane, 12 September 2023 – Airbus Helicopters and PHI Group (PHI) have signed a framework agreement that includes commitments for 20 super-medium H175 and 8 H160 helicopters to serve the energy market worldwide, including in the US. These 28 state-of-the-art helicopters will better position PHI to respond to the energy market’s expected growing offshore transportation needs.These Leer másAirbus Helicopters and PHI sign for 20 H175 and 8 H160[…]

EURORSA HeliresQ Atlantic Workshop

EURORSA (Rescue Swimmers Association) — La Asociación Europea de Nadadores de Rescate celebrará en España el Eurorsa HeliresQ Atlantic Workshop, concretamente del 28 al 29 de septiembre en la localidad de Adeje (Tenerife). Además, y en exclusiva para los rescatadores socios, el día 27 tendrá lugar la ya clásica jornada de competición acuática (PT y Leer másEURORSA HeliresQ Atlantic Workshop[…]

Bell 206: the first solo around-the-world helicopter flight

40 years recently surpassed since Richard “Dick” Harold Smith touched down in the Bell 206 Jet Ranger III at the Bell Helicopter Hurst Heliport, now known as the Floyd Carlson Airfield. This historic flight marked the completion of the very first solo around-the-world flight by helicopter. Smith’s journey had begun 352 days earlier, on August Leer másBell 206: the first solo around-the-world helicopter flight[…]

Northrop Grumman enhance the B-2 Spirit digital communications

PALMDALE, Calif. – Aug. 9, 2023 – Northrop Grumman Corporation in partnership with the US Air Force successfully completed an integrated airborne mission transfer (IAMT) demonstration with the B-2 Spirit at Whiteman Air Force Base as part of the ongoing modernization efforts incorporating digital engineering. IAMT delivers an advanced capability that enables the B-2 to Leer másNorthrop Grumman enhance the B-2 Spirit digital communications[…]

Airbus Helicopters H160 receives FAA certification

Marignane — Airbus Helicopters has received certification from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for the H160 helicopter, marking a significant milestone in theaircraft’s development and positioning it for entry into the U.S. market. «We are pleased to receive FAA certification for the H160, which is testament to many years of hard work and commitment from our teams in order Leer másAirbus Helicopters H160 receives FAA certification[…]

RTX advances hybrid-electric propulsion demonstrator

PARIS, June 19, 2023, PARIS AIR SHOW (Le Bourget) — RTX has achieved a critical milestone in its hybrid-electric flight demonstrator program, successfully completing a rated power test of the demonstrator’s 1 megawatt (MW) electric motor, developed by Collins Aerospace (Collins). The 1MW motor will be combined with a highly efficient thermal engine, developed by Pratt & Whitney, Leer másRTX advances hybrid-electric propulsion demonstrator[…]

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