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Idaho National Guard conducted a medevac training in Prairie

The Idaho Army National Guard’s State Aviation Group assisted the 124th Fighter Wing’s Air Support Operations Squadron and Medical Group in executing medevac training at Prairie, Idaho. August 30, 2023. During the joint-training, the Idaho Army National Guard occupied the skies in preparation for the medevac operations training with UH-60 Black Hawk aircrews while the Leer másIdaho National Guard conducted a medevac training in Prairie[…]

CBP AMO UH-60 rescue person from a wildfire

TUCSON, Ariz.— CBP AMO (Customs and Border Protection Air and Marine Operations) a Tucson Air Branch UH-60 Black Hawk crew and Border Patrol agents conducted two rescue operations including one rescue from a wildfire in the Baboquivari Mountains. August 28, 2023. Monday evening, a Tucson-based UH-60 Black Hawk aircrew responded to a Tucson Sector U.S. Leer másCBP AMO UH-60 rescue person from a wildfire[…]

CBP AMO and partners seized 1 billion in drugs in 2nd quarter 2023

WASHINGTON — CBP AMO (U.S. Customs and Border Protection Air and Marine Operations) along with their federal and international partners, seized nearly 82,123 pounds of cocaine and 21,396 pounds of marijuana in international waters during the 2nd quarter of fiscal year 2023, denying criminal organizations an estimated $1.1 billion. Notably, a National Air Security Operations Center Jacksonville Leer másCBP AMO and partners seized 1 billion in drugs in 2nd quarter 2023[…]

Sikorsky celebrates its 100th Anniversary

Rio de Janeiro, April 12, 2023 – Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin company, celebrated its 100th anniversary alongside defence and industry partners at the biennial Latin America Aerospace and Defence and Security (LAAD) trade show yesterday. Sikorsky executives highlighted the longstanding partnership with Brazil’s armed forces and honored their ongoing accomplishments and contributions to vertical flight. “2023 is a significant year Leer másSikorsky celebrates its 100th Anniversary[…]

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