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PS Engineering doubles down on the PAC45 with dual control head, PAC45D

PS Engineering PAC45D.

Responding to the Special Mission Community, PS Engineering is pleased to announce the availability of a dual control head to work with the PAC45 Special Mission Digital Audio Control System.

The PAC45D system allows the flight crew easy access to critical mission audio from a central controller. This meets the operational requirements of many agencies, such as the US Forest Service.

Far more functional than just a dual controller, the PAC45D has the same sophistication as the PAC45, including:

  • Supports five (5) Com radio interfaces
  • MultiTalker® True Dimensional 3D Sound
    9-Field selectable locations
  • Master Radio volume for each side
  • 200 mW headphone audio power
  • Custom configurable pilot right or left seat
  • RXI – Radio Receiver Active Indicator
  • Plug and play with industry standard legacy audio controllers
  • NVG optional w/backlight balance adjustments
  • Seven (7) place IntelliVox® intercom built in with ICS PTT & high noise configuration, expandable to 12 stations
  • Three (3) preprogrammed aural alerts, active high or low trigger
  • Bluetooth® interface for wireless phone and music
  • Com Monitor function
  • Custom configurable bezel labels
  • Bluetooth® & Hardwired stereo music input with Soft-Mute™ and SoftMute™ override
  • Crew CALL function when observer control head is installed
  • Four unswitched inputs with independent volume controls
  • Dual CVR output or single CVR w/Speaker output
  • Pilot (Com1, Nav1, Unsw1, Alerts) & copilot (Com 2) failsafe
  • Pilot “hands on stick/yoke” com swap mode (foot switch)
  • Pilot “hands on stick/yoke” intercom ICS selection (foot switch)
  • 2-Year PS Engineering’s Pro-Support Warranty

According to Product Line Manager Greg Ledbetter, “We had many conversations with industry leaders and system users, in shops completion centers and at trade shows. We asked them what we should do next. The consensus was unanimous, they needed a dual control head. Now PS Engineering has what they need.”

Like all PAC45 series, the PAC45D includes MutliTalker®. This licensed, patented (USAF – Wright Patterson Laboratory) audio processing presents mission-critical audio in different apparent locations around the flight crew, enabling them to easily distinguish conversations that are important at any instant. The ability to listen to the radio that is important at any instant in time reduces cockpit workload. As a dual control head, the CTL45D can be configured with the Pilot on the left or right side of the aircraft. The front panel nomenclature is fully customizable, lending itself to the specification mission. avionics.

The audio control hub can be attached to the panel unit or remotely mounted. In any case, the audio connections do not need to be routed around the aircraft, there is one central location greatly simplifying installation. The PAC45 is also backward compatible with many legacy audio systems.

List price for a PAC45D is $8995 and deliveries begin by end of Q1, 2020. It is FAA-TSO authorization under C139a.

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