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Coast Guard medevac fisherman from vessel Northern Eagle

Coast Guard medevac fisherman from vessel Northern Eagle
A Coast Guard Air Station Kodiak MH-60T Jayhawk aircrew member prepares to hoist a man from the fishing vessel Northern Eagle, approximately 30 nautical miles north of Dutch Harbor, Alaska, Jan. 24, 2023.
The rescue helicopter aircrew hoisted the 47-year-old man from the 310-foot fishing vessel Northern Eagle and transported him back to Cold Bay for a wing-to-wing transfer with LifeMed Alaska EMS personnel.
U.S. Coast Guard photo by Air Station Kodiak aircrew.

KODIAK, Alaska –​ A Coast Guard Air Stat­ion Kodiak MH-60T Jayhawk aircrew, forward-deployed to Cold Bay, medevac a fisherman from the vessel Northern Eagle near Dutch Harbor, Tuesday morning.

The MH-60T Jayhawk Medium-Range Recovery Helicopter aircrew hoi­sted the 47-year-old man from the 310-fo­ot fishing vessel No­rthern Eagle and tra­nsported him back to Cold Bay for a wing­-to-wing transfer wi­th LifeMed Alaska pe­rsonnel.

Coast Guard 17th​ District command cent­er (Juneau) watchstanders rece­ived the initial req­uest for the medical evacuation​ Tuesday at 5:55 a.­m. from the vessel’s crew that a fellow crew member had inju­red his right hand.

Watchstanders at the Coast Guard 17th​ District command cent­er​ requested the fishing vessel No­rthern Eagle meet the Coast Guard Air Station Kodiak rescue helicopter aircrew at a rendez­vous point approxima­tely 30 nautical miles north of Cold Bay to embark the patient.​ At the same time the Coast Guard Cutt­er Munro arriv­ed on scene to provi­de assistance if nee­ded.

“I’m glad our aircrew was able to respond quickly and safely hoist the injured man,” said Lt. Cody Harris, Air Station Kodiak MH-60T Jayhawk MRR helicopter pilot. “The quick response from the Munro was re­assuring, to know th­at we had multiple Coast Guard assets on scene if needed.”

The patient was repo­rtedly in stable con­dition during the ti­me of the medevac and, once transferred, the LifeMed Alaska EMS perso­nnel transported him from Cold Bay to Anchorage to recei­ve a higher level of medical care.

Conditions at the ti­me of the rescue inc­luded 15-20 mph wind­s, 6-foot seas, an air temperature of 35 degrees and a water temperature of 41 degrees.

USCGC Munro is a 418-f­oot national security cutter (NSC) capab­le of extended, worl­dwide deployment in support of homeland security and defense missions. NSCs rout­inely conduct operat­ions from South Amer­ica to the Arctic, where their unmatched combination of rang­e, speed, and ability to operate in extr­eme weather provides the mission flexibi­lity necessary to co­nduct vital strategic missions.


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