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Bell 505: the future of military training helicopters

Bell 505: the future of military training helicopters
Bell 505 Montenegro Air Force

The Bell 505 is one of the most versatile light single-engine helicopters on the market and proves itself as solid option as future military training helicopter, without forget that the Bell 505 Jet Ranger X is a reliable aircraft for a diverse range of missions.

Today, there are more than 400 Bell 505s in operation across six continents, with customers logging over 111,000 global fleet hours since the first delivery took place in 2017.

Around the world, the Bell 505 is already proving its popularity as a training aircraft for both commercial and military applications. Its outstanding onboard technology, including full authority digital engine control (FADEC) system and Garmin G1000 NXi glass cockpit that offers significant benefits for new or experienced pilots.

The Garmin G1000 NXi both reduces pilot workload and increases situational awareness – essential for pilots in the initial training phase. It also features a high inertia rotor system designed to optimize the 505’s autorotation capabilities.

Bell 505: the future of military training helicopters
Bell 505 glass-cockpit

“The Bell 505 provides advanced technical capability at an affordable price point. Militaries around the world want to modernize their fleets and that includes their training aircraft,” said LaShan Bonaparte, vice president, Commercial Sales, Bell Helicopter.

“By incorporating the technology typically only found on larger helicopters, military pilots training on the Bell 505 can transition to these military aircraft more quickly and with greater familiarity. Decreasing adaptation time is one of the key considerations for militaries when selecting a new training aircraft.”

In May 2022, the Republic of Korea became the latest military Bell 505 customer after its Defense Acquisition Program Administration announced that it had selected the short light single as its new military helicopter trainer. The contract will see up to 40 Bell 505 helicopters delivered by 2025 to train pilots for both the Republic of Korea Army (ROKA) and Republic of Korea Navy (ROKN).

Bell 505: the future of military training helicopters
Bell 505 Jamaica Defence Force (JDF)

The Bell 505 is already in operation as a military trainer with the Indonesian Navy, Jamaica Defence Force, and the Armed Forces of Montenegro. The Japan Coast Guard also use it to train their pilots.

“Expanding our Bell fleet to incorporate the​ Bell 505​ adds more versatility to our capability portfolio and supports our mission to protect and serve the citizens of Jamaica. Our team of pilots and maintenance technicians are extremely happy with the training, support and customer service from Bell.” ​ – Lt. Col. Brian Lundy, commanding officer of the Air Wing, Jamaica Defence Force.

“We are proud to be operating Bell 505s in our training program. With the integrated glass cockpit, it enables our pilots in training to experience modern controls on a single engine aircraft. We look forward to logging more flight hours and hitting milestones in our Bell 505s.” – Hareb Al Dhaheri, CEO of Horizon International Flight Academy.

Bell 505: the future of military training helicopters
Bell 505 cockpit (Montenegro Air Force)

“With the cost effectiveness and flexible cabin space, the​ Bell 505​ is the best trainer aircraft on the market. This aircraft is a great addition to our fleet, and we look forward to working with Bell in the future.” – Lt. Col. Bojan Blagojević, Commander of the Air Force, Armed Forces of Montenegro.

The Bell 505 will be on display at European Rotors from 8 to 10 November 2022.

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