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Leonardo and Azerbaijan Air Force signs for C-27J Spartan

Leonardo and Azerbaijan Air Force signs for C-27J Spartan
Contract signed for the Leonardo C-27J Spartan aircraft to the Azerbaijan Air Force.
©Leonardo Aircraft.

Rome, 08 June 2023 – The commercial collaboration between Italy and Azerbaijan has been strengthened with the signing a contract with Leonardo for the supply of the C-27J Spartan military aircraft to Azerbaijan Air Force.

An Azerbaijani delegation was in Italy for the contract signing in the presence of representatives of the Defence Ministers of the two countries.

Initially linked to the energy sectors, the collaboration between Italy and Azerbaijan is now also extended to defence industry products thanks to the valuable contribution provided by the Italian Ministry of Defence working group. The programme for the purchase of the C-27J from Leonardo, a tactical transport aircraft with many years of proven experience in the most challenging operational scenarios, was finalized through a technical round table between the Italian Ministry of Defence and its Azeri counterpart.

The agreement is part of the extensive modernisation programme of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, which are increasingly looking to the products of Italian industry.

Deployed in the most challenging geographic, environmental and operating conditions, Leonardo’s C27J Spartan is an aircraft capable of executing a vast range of defence and civil protection missions. Extensive experience gained in operations with different air forces worldwide makes it the ideal aircraft for military transport missions, airdrops of paratroopers and materials, ‘last mile’ tactical troop support, special forces operations, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief.

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