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Coast Guard, good Samaritan assist grounded vessel in Hood Bay, Alaska

Coast Guard, good Samaritan assist grounded vessel in Hood Bay, Alaska. MH-60 Jayhawk. HH-60 Jayhawk. Air Station Sitka.
Archive image: MH-60 Jayhawk crew from Coast Guard Air Station Sitka, conducts a training flight, as seen here. Search and Rescue (SAR) is one of the Coast Guard’s oldest missions. Minimizing the loss of life, injury, property damage or loss by rendering aid to persons in distress and property in the maritime environment has always been a Coast Guard priority. Coast Guard SAR response involves multi-mission stations, cutters, aircraft and boats linked by communications networks. Training is often conducted to keep the Coast Guard’s crews ready for when duty calls.
U.S. Coast Guard photo by AET1 William Greer.

JUNEAU, Alaska – The Coast Guard and a good Samaritan assisted a man in a grounded vessel Saturday in Hood Bay, Alaska.

A Coast Guard Air Station Sitka MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter crew arrived on scene and landed nearby the beached vessel, transferred a pump to keep up with the flooding, and assisted the owner secure the boat to shore.

The good Samaritan vessel took the man aboard and took him to Angoon, Alaska.

The crew of Coast Guard Cutter John McCormick and crew of Air Station Sitka MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter aircrew launched to assist. A good Samaritan vessel launched from Angoon.

Coast Guard, good Samaritan assist grounded vessel in Hood Bay, Alaska. USCGC John McCormick. Coast Guard Cutter John F. McCormick. Cutter John McCormick.
Archive image: Coast Guard Cutter John F. McCormick (WPC 1121) crew transits through the San Francisco Bay, Saturday, March 4, 2017, during their voyage to homeport in Ketchikan, Alaska. The cutter was named after McCormick who received the Gold Lifesaving Medal in 1938 for his exceptional skill in maintaining control of the 52-foot motor lifeboat Triumph while responding to a vessel in need near the Columbia River Bar under treacherous conditions, allowing the crew to recover a crewmember that had been washed overseas.
U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Loumania Stewart.

Sector Juneau received the initial distress call from the man aboard the recreational vessel stating he was hard aground and was taking on water in Hood Bay.

The man reported that he could make his way to shore but there was an aggressive bear on shore preventing him from disembarking safely.

“Conditions in Alaska can change quickly and we are thankful to have the assistance from good Samaritans and our partner agencies in cases such as these,” said Mr. Wesley Shipley, operations unit controller at Sector Juneau.


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