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Leonardo’s aircraft and training solutions displayed at Kuwait Aviation Show

Leonardo AW169, Kuwait Aviation Show.
Leonardo AW169, Kuwait Aviation Show.
  • Leonardo’s solutions in Kuwait range from air traffic control technologies and baggage handling systems, to helicopters for onshore and offshore operations and Typhoon advanced fighter
  • Leonardo and the Italian Air Force to bring the Eurofighter Typhoon and the C-27J multimission airlifter at the second edition of the Kuwait Aviation Show
  • Leonardo also present its training solutions based on the brand new M-345 basicadvanced jet trainer and the M-346, the advanced jet trainer which is also available in the Fighter Attack configuration

15 January 2020 – Leonardo is taking part in the second edition of the Kuwait Aviation Show from 15th-18th January 2020. At the show, the Company is focusing on its advanced technologies in the aviation and training fields (stand B275).

Leonardo’s technologies are already in-service in Kuwait, where the Company has provided infrastructure for Kuwait City Airport, including data management systems, primary radar and an ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast) system for air traffic control. Leonardo has also provided Kuwait City Airport Terminal 4’s new baggage handling system. Three Leonardo AW169 light-intermediate twin helicopters guarantee onshore and offshore transportation to the Kuwait Oil Company, operated by Falcon Aviation Services, enabling the operator to perform a leap forward in the level of service supporting the Oil & Gas industry within the region.

Eurofighter Typhoon. Leonardo aircraft and training solutions in Kuwait Aviation Show.
Eurofighter Typhoon. Leonardo aircraft and training solutions in Kuwait Aviation Show.

Thanks to the presence of the Italian Air Force, attendees at the show will be able to admire a breathtaking flight display by the Eurofighter Typhoon performed by the Reparto Sperimentale Volo (Italian Air Force Flight Test Wing), which is responsible for the study and evaluation of all ground and flight tests of aeronautical weapon systems. Eurofighter Typhoon is the world’s most advanced swing-role combat aircraft providing simultaneously deployable Air-to-Air and Air-to-Surface capabilities. The aircraft has demonstrated, and continues to perform with high reliability across the globe in all climates.

Nine customers –including Italy, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait and Qatar– have already ordered the Eurofighter Typhoon, which stems from a collaborative project between Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany and Spain, with the industrial participation of Leonardo, BAE Systems and Airbus Defence and Space. Leonardo has a 36% workshare in the Typhoon programme and is responsible for more than 60% of the aircraft’s electronics.

Eurofighter Typhoon and Leonardo C-27J Spartan, Kuwait Aviation Show.
Eurofighter Typhoon and Leonardo C-27J Spartan, Kuwait Aviation Show.

In December 2019, the Eurofighter Typhoon programme achieved a key milestone with the first flight of the Instrumented Series Production Aircraft (ISPA 6) equipped with the Kuwait Air Force configuration, the first aircraft to fly the innovative Captor E-Scan Radar with Phase Enhancement P3Eb. With Captor E-Scan radar and several new additions to the weapon system, this variant will put the Kuwait Air Force at the front-line of fighter technology when the aircraft enters service with the State of Kuwait. Leonardo will start delivering Eurofighter Typhoon fighter aircraft to the Kuwait Air Force from 2020 and deliveries of 28 aircraft will continue until 2023. Training for Kuwaiti pilots is already underway in Italy at Grosseto Air Force Base.

Over the past few years, 24 Kuwaiti Air Force pilots have earned their wings at the Italian Air Force International Training Academy at the Lecce Galatina Air Base. Leonardo’s integrated training system is based on the M-346 jet, designated the T-346A by the Italian Air Force, the backbone of the 61° Wing, which trains pilots and instructors from Italy and nations such as Kuwait, the USA, Spain, France, Austria, the Netherlands, Poland, Singapore, Argentina, and Greece.

Starting this year, thanks to the delivery of the first M-345 aircraft, the new basic-advanced jet trainer ordered by Italian Air Force to replace the MB.339A, Leonardo offer in the training sector will be based on only two platforms able to cover the entire pilot training syllabus, guaranteeing the Air Force cadets the most effective training with a significant reduction in cost. Aiming to satisfy global Air Forces requirements with a state of the art technology, Leonardo has developed a new Fighter Attack version of the M-346 which has already been ordered by an undisclosed customer.

Together with the Italian Air Force, Leonardo launched the International Flight Training School (IFTS), based on the Italian Air Force world-renowned excellence in flight training and Leonardo’s leadership in delivering proven integrated training solutions. Underpinned by Leonardo’s training capabilities and set to become an international benchmark for advanced pilot training (starting with Phase IV – Advanced/Lead-In Fighter Training), the IFTS offers customised teaching modules which meet the requirements of world class Air Forces. These modules can also reduce the need for expensive flight hours with an Operation Conversion Unit (OCU), saving time and valuable resources.

The Leonardo C-27J multi-mission aircraft of the Italian Air Force is featured in the Kuwait Aviation Show’s static area. The C-27J has the capacity to carry significant load whilst accessing very short runways, even in sandy and snowy weather conditions. The C-27J has the widest cabin in its category, unrivalled manoeuvrability and interoperability with heavier airlifters like the C-130 and the A400M. The C-27J can be equipped with the latest technologies including Night Vision Goggles, ballistic protection system, a Defensive Aids Sub System and an air to air refuelling “Probe & Drogue” system. The aircraft can perform various types of missions including: troop transport, Command, Control, Communication & Surveillance, fire-fighting, maritime pollution dispersion, VIP/government transport, amongst others. Currently, the Royal Australian Air Force’s C-27J aircraft are supporting Operation Bushfires Assist activities, operating civil evacuation missions to rescue people in remote Australian regions from the fire devastation.

To respond to the regional threats posed by hostile drone operators, Leonardo is also able to provide tailored Counter-Unmanned Aerial System (C-UAS) solutions, deployable by civil and military customers. The Company is already providing C-UAS expertise and technology to the Italian, UK, and US armed forces and its systems have been already deployed to handle dronerelated disruption at major international airports.

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